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Dnav.com is a unreal search page, this page is very common. All its surface and functions are similar to Google, but its results are fake. Dnav.com will guide you to  unsafe websites.Sometimes, this links will let you install useless software on your PC without your agree. Dnav.com is not only a fake search engine, but also a browser hijacker which is the main role played by Dnav.com. It can attack the most used browsers, such as Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, even Safari, and by far, no browser is able to get rid of it. Your PC is infected, and your browser homepage and search engine are changed to Dnav.com. Your computer can easily be attacked by viruses. 
Visiting malicious web sites will bring in virus to your computer, and installing more and more useless software on your PC will damage your operating system. However, the most dangerous thing is your private information will be stolen, such as your personal accounts, passwords, your ID , your phone number, and even your signature.

If you do not want to be hurt again, Following removal guides will assist you to get rid of it.

Remove Dnav.com manually


Open Google Chrome.

In the address bar enter chrome:settings

Click the Extensions tab

Find related Dnav.com or other similar extension and click the delete icon.
Reset Homepage and search engine.


Start Firefox

In the address bar enter about:addons

Click Extensions tab.

Find related Dnav.com or other similar extension.
Click the Remove button.

Delete Dnav.com automatically

You can remove Dnav.com with an anti-malware tool. SmartPCFixer is a good choice, it will help you delete all kinds of adware, spyware or third party programs. Your computer will be well protected. Try it from here:


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